A Reader's Journey Through the World of Harry Potter
by Erin Strubbe

What is "All Roads Lead to Hogwarts?"

This text adventure is meant to be a reader's journey through the world of Harry Potter. You play not as a student, not as a teacher, not as a Muggle, not even as Harry, but as yourself, a reader, and are given all the freedoms and limitations that come with it. You begin your journey at Harry's side, but the deeper you move into his world, the further your are able to wander from his perspective. You get to explore Diagon Alley, the house common rooms, and even parts of the castle that Harry won't see for years to come, independent of the inhabitants of Harry's world, and independent of plot, which tends to bind your view while reading the actual series.

My original concept for this project was to give voice to the physical places in Harry's world, and experience parts of the story from their perspective rather than the characters'. But ultimately, this concept started moving me away from the story I really wanted to tell, which was that of the immersive nature of the world of Harry Potter. Because these books were so transportive to so many people, especially people our age, I wanted to recreate it in a way that allows readers to cut themselves loose of any fixed perspective from the book and explore both the castle and the meta relationship between reader and text.

In an ideal world, I would have mapped the entirety of the castle, or as much of it as I could have managed, but due to time constraints and being but a single mortal, your explorations have been abridged to a few recognizable places. Perhaps there will be more later, but for now, please enjoy this text adventure into the world of Harry Potter!


Game Map